So, many of you have asked where I've been...


Here I am.

Back in October I started talking to this beautiful person, Dylan. We fell in love and I moved out to Portland, OR. That is the very abbreviated story. We have struggled fiercely for the last five months since I moved out here. We’ve both lost and got new jobs, had to move due to a bogus eviction (probable discrimination), had a few hospital and urgent care visits, among many other life pitfalls. As two young social services workers we have met a wall and are needing to ask our community for help. I would really appreciate if you had anything to spare, to do so. If you have nothing to spare, please just share this and pass it along. We could really use your help.

Charlie and Dylan


I masturbate however I like. Sometimes it’s quick and dirty, other times it’s particular, complicated, and seemingly fussy. I especially love when I can incorporate elaborate fantasies, costumes, and props!  I have a myriad of kinks and fetishes and when I masturbate I am not afraid to play with them. Really, that’s what masturbation is for me!  Play! If I’m having fun and feeling good, then I’m always doing it right.

—Ms. Lola Sunshine, Day 10 of The Sex Positive Photo Project’s “I masturbate…” series for Masturbation Month.

More info: http://PornforEveryone.net


USB with anti-theft technology.


John photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 10

ownership 15

ownership 15

Stephen Fogg photographed by Walt Cessna L.A. 12. Knit tank by Pierrot Carrilero

For anyone who says “Oh my god what will your tattoos look like when you get older??!?!?!?!!”
Bitchin’ is the answer.

World Naked Bike Ride 2012 (by jamie nyc)
AKA the Body Autonomy Ride